Ellen Page Online - Birthday Project 2011 (02/21/2011)

Welcome to the EPO Birthday Project 2011. The point of this project is for fans from all around the world to gather together and make a collective effort to wish our favourite actress Ellen Page a happy birthday. This year, you can not only leave a birthday message on the Bday wall, but also watch a selection of creative birthday wish videos created by visitors to this website.


Lying Down Game - Photo 1Lying Down Game - Photo 1
Lying Down Game - Photo 2Lying Down Game - Photo 2
Lying Down Game - Photo 3Lying Down Game - Photo 3
Lying Down Game - Photo 4Lying Down Game - Photo 4

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Although converting the videos, creating the graphics, scripting the Bday wall and coding all the pages you see here kept me really busy in the past 4 weeks, I found the time to write a personal note (see below), record a video myself and step into Ellen’s shoes by taking some photos of me playing the Lying Down Game. It was a lot of fun doing this and I think it’s good training for certain muscle groups. But I also have to admit it’s not always easy to find a unique and absurd location to lay down. At the same time, I can totally understand why the originators don’t accept any liability for any accidents, injuries or criminal proceedings resulting from participating in the game and pointed out on their website that participants play it at their own risk. Have you ever tried to climb up a stack of empty cardboard boxes? It’s absolutely no problem getting on it, however, the way down can be a true challenge. In other words, I can certainly think of more pleasant things to do than experiencing the pain after falling about 7 feet in a face-down position. Anyway, no risk no fun! I hope you enjoy your stay here and like what I put together to celebrate Ellen’s birthday in the manner it deserves!


Birthday Message


Now it’s your turn to give something back for all of the amazing films, fantastic characters and entertainment that Ellen has provided us throughout the years by leaving a message on the Bday wall. Let's show her that we really mean HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY!


Save The Honeybee FoundationSave The Honeybee Foundation


As a gift and tribute to Ellen and her environmental activities, I will donate 25 cents (0.25 US dollar) for each posted birthday message, to the “Save the Honeybee Foundation” and the international 350.org campaign. Proof of donation receipts will be posted in the news section on Ellen Page Online in the next few days.


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(Deadline for submissions: February 27, 2011 - 11:00PM GMT)


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