EPO Birthday Project 2011 - Message Wall

Ruben Deig from Barcelona / Spain wrote on 02/21/2011

P from Budapest / Hungary wrote on 02/21/2011
i wish you a very happy birthday from hungary(hope you'll get an oscar soon:)

Maria from Canary Islands / Spain wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen!!! Looking forward to see Super! ;)

Pablo from Capital Federal / Argentina wrote on 02/21/2011
!Happy Birthday, Ellen!!. I wish to have beautiful day accompanied for your dear beings. Regards from Argentina. Kisses, Pablo

B from Omaha / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Ellen, your excellent at what you do and your beauty is like nothing i seen before. so from a guy u dont know happy birthday and keep up the good work.

sincerely a fan

Hyun-Jun Choi from Home / Korea (South) wrote on 02/21/2011
I am glad to congratulate you! Happy birthday!

I always wish you good luck~

Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

Ben Robins from London, England / United Kingdom wrote on 02/21/2011
Merry Birthday Ellen!

Here's to many more years of fantastic filmmaking and changing the world for the better!

Ben. x

Patrick from Virginia Beach, Va. / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
A very happy birthday to the beautiful actress Ellen Page!! I hope you enjoy the day . May it be fun and enjoyable for you.

You BEE good now.

lamlam from Hong Kong wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen!!
I love you so much!!! You are the best actress!!
Look forward to watch "SUPER". I hope it will show in Hong Kong. :]

Jin from Antipolo / Philippines wrote on 02/21/2011
SUPER happy birthday Ellen Page! :D

Aziz from Dubai / United Arab Emirates wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy birthday! I

Chris from Singapore / Singapore wrote on 02/21/2011
Here's to one of the most amazing actresses and personalities I know. You're awesome just the way you are. Don't ever change!
Have a very Happy 24th Birthday, Ellen!

Marie-Laure from Lyon / France wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy birthday Ellen

You're the best actress and the greatest person, continue on this way

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen. You're the most awesome actress ever.

Janine from Philippines wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy birthday Ellen! You are an amazing individual and what you do is extremely inspiring. I wish you all the best. Enjoy your very special day!

Gianluca from Molfetta / Italy wrote on 02/21/2011
There are days that go unnoticed ... others are impossible to forget ... Today is one of them!

HAPPPY Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex from Kiev / Ukraine wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy birthday Ellen!
You're the most awesome person in the world!

Nikita from Asbest / Russia wrote on 02/21/2011
In 2010 i became your fan, and have fallen in love with your movie characters, such as Juno and Tracey. But Juno and Tracey it's just a movies characters, and would be silly to love them, but i love. And i love you, Ellen.

Happy Birthday Ellen, and thank you for what you're a girl of my dream. ♥

from Russia with love and congratulations.

Luke Kang from South Korea / Korea (South) wrote on 02/21/2011
Ellen happy birthday~!!!
I posted on my facebook and twitter
to spread the word that its your B-day!
hope your having a wonderful day and ill always
cherr for you~
We All Love you!~

Vincent Michaud from Quebec / Canada wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy birthday Ellen!!!

You are the greatest actress alive and you are a so much beautiful and good person.I wish all the happiness of the world.

Love you.

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