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Sebastian Ganschow from Hamburg / Germany wrote on 02/21/2011
Hey Ellen,

Happy Birthday!
Stay as awesome as you are, and I hope your career is going on exactly as you want to. But I'm not to good at words and so I made a little Birthday-Present-Video for you!


I hope you like it,

PS.: I totally love you.

Dan from Germany wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday, Ellen!
Also Happy Birthday, Alan (Rickman).

rwf from Toronto / Canada wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy 24th Ellen- I've been enjoying your musical pics on your Facebook page.
Here's one for you: Gluck's Dance of the Blessed Spirits- try and find Midori's recording from her ENCORE album- truely beautiful
Enjoyed SUPER at TIFF- funny role -

Hope to see you in more in 2011

Onel Santos from Hoboken ,N.J. / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen You're Awesome!!!!!

sg11z from North / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen!!!

You're not getting older, you're getting...well technically we're all getting older, but you know what I mean. :)
I'm glad that you've chosen a career path where you've been able to balance artistically unique projects while still being outspoken on important social issues. Keep up the great work on both fronts. Whoever came up with the line "Beauty is only skin deep" obviously never heard of you. Cheers! xxoo

Daniel Hughes from Glasgow / Scotland wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy birthday!
Totally love you!

One day, we will marry, and I'll buy you great birthday presents.


Gabbi Flock from Clarkston / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy 24th Birthday, Ellen!!!
You are by far the best actress ever!!!
Have a good one!!!! :) :)

Carolyn from Hanover Park, Illinois / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! I hope you party hard, and spend the day being the awesome person you are! Keep up the amazing work you do! Well, I must go..I have to party hard in your honor. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLEN! -confetti-

Matt Donnelly from Great Falls, MT / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday to you, Ellen! Best wishes! Keep up with the great work that you do in the movies, you have a wonderful talent, and a really neat personality. Anyway, have a nice birthday, and I look forward to seeing more of your movies, or maybe see your name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ;)

Sergio Carri from La Paz / Bolivia wrote on 02/21/2011
Dear Ellen:

Happy Birthday I wish you all the best cause you deserve it, you're great one of a kind.

Leonard Doran from Grants Pass, Oregon / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Dear Ellen:

I wrote this short messasge in a card I sent but just in case you didn't receive it:

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, are with the people you love and the people who love you.

Best wishes, Leonard

Iwison Bruno from Natal / Brazil wrote on 02/21/2011
I don

Irina from Russia wrote on 02/21/2011
Happiness to you! All the best!

RJ from Arlington, VT / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen! I took off from school just to celebrate your birthday. I wish you the best on this day, and the rest of what will be an awesome acting career!

Ryan from California / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Happy birthday Ellen! Hope you have a good one :)

Maya Marcus from Hod HaSharon / Israel wrote on 02/21/2011
Ellen, my love, my eyes, my angel! I wish you all the best in the world and the best birthday ever.
Israel loves you from all our hearts!
You're amazing and we hope someday you'll come to visit us.

Sabrina from S / Brazil wrote on 02/21/2011

You're my favorite actress, and you and your characters are very funny and inspiring! Thank you for the amazing work that you've been doing. I wish you a happy birthday.

Lenka from Mazuria / Poland wrote on 02/21/2011
Ellen Page - You Rock! ;)
Happy Birthday :)

Jonathan Gray from Roselle IL 60172 / United States wrote on 02/21/2011
Let me first say i don't love you because i don't really know you but I'm fan and i have enjoyed your work over the last couple of years. Also i like that fact that you are so involved in many organizations to make the world a better place and from what i here you are down to earth and not been corrupted by Hollywood. So Happy 24th Birthday, Ellen Page! I will pray that you have a fun and safe Birthday also wish you a great and successful life and career.

Silviu from Brasov / Romania wrote on 02/21/2011
Hope you all the best wishes for your birthday, Ellen! Be the one you want to be.

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