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Susan Hendrix from Hendersonville, NC wrote on 02/23/2011
Twenty four years ago you were born into this world, a tiny baby girl in your parents arms. As you grew you were shaped by joy and pain. Your life is precious and holds meaning far greater than fame or fortune or even social impact. As you continue to seek out what is real in your characters and desire to impact the world positively, you reveal a place within each one of us that seeks a meaning in life greater than just ourselves. May God's Love bring you Truth, Ellen.

Lena from Cloppenburg / Germany wrote on 02/23/2011
Happy, happy birthday afterwards ! ^^
Now you're 24 years old and still beautiful. And that won't be change !!! I hope this sentences were right -.- I'm not good in english xD

Yours Lena

Jea Woo Kwak from Busan Buk-Gu Geumgok dong 502-202 / Korea (South) wrote on 02/23/2011
Hi my name is Jea WOO Gwak. I am Korean. I do not speak English well. But I am trying hard to learn English for you. I first saw you, probably the X-Men. I think you are very very very beautiful. And Inception is I have seen the best of movies. Finally, love and happy birthday. I will cheer for you in South Korea.

Allyson from Minneapolis, Minnesota / United States wrote on 02/23/2011
Happy Birthday, Ellen!
Thanks so much for all the great films over the years.
Have a wonderful 24th year,

Tim from Leverkusen / Germany wrote on 02/22/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen!
24 years of inspiring awesomeness :)
May there be a hundred more :D

Alex from Jena / Germany wrote on 02/22/2011
Hey Ellen,
I wish you all the best for your birthday. Most of all a happy and successful life, may all your wishes come true and may you never change. ;)

Love and hugs from the Heart Of Germany directly to you,

xoxoxo Alex

Shou from Sapporo / Japan wrote on 02/22/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen!
I am a huge fan of you!
Hang in there. I'm on your side!

DJ Castellon from Fort Worth, TX / United States wrote on 02/22/2011
Ellen...Happy Birthday, wonderful, talented, articulate, intelligent, insightful, and beyond truly dazzling, drop-dead gorgeous girl! We love all that you're doing...and we remain fans. In Ellen We Trust!
I wrote "Ellen's Everything"...and meant every word.
Would love to meet you and work with you.

Ruben from Houston / United States wrote on 02/22/2011
happy birthday ellen!
wow you

Joe from San Diego / United States wrote on 02/22/2011
happy birthday ellen!

Phillip Frangules from North Andover / United States wrote on 02/22/2011
Happy Birthday Ellen! Can't wait to see more of your roles in the future and I hope your future is a bright one.

Patrick from Bristol / United Kingdom wrote on 02/22/2011
Ellen, I'd really love to leave something more substantial here, but I'm afraid I'm an inarticulate moron so I'm going to have to keep it brief: you're an inspiring actress and a beautiful person, please keep doing what you do. You're truly one of a kind. Best wishes for your birthday and the future! :)

Melanie from South Wales / United Kingdom wrote on 02/22/2011
Just want to wish you lots of love and a very Happy Birthday ! Looking forward to all of your new projects this year Many Happy Returns xx

Johnny Parker from San Juan / Argentina wrote on 02/22/2011
hello ellen! the best for you in your day from johnny parker
I love your movies and everything you do, good luck bye bye
ps: of course no trip to Argentina is the worst country in the world I was born in Argentina but I hate it now I am Canadian citizen and I really enjoy.
bye bye

cho hye yoon from Seoul / Korea (South) wrote on 02/22/2011
Hi Ellen! My name is cho hye yoon.
I am from South Korea
Happy birthday!!haha
U are so beautiful and pretty!!
Many Korean fans love u!!
Good bye!

Jack from Surrey B.C. wrote on 02/22/2011
All the best to you & continued success tiny perfect Haligonian.


Jeremy Ocampo from Fremont, California / United States wrote on 02/22/2011
Dear Ms. Ellen Page,
Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a great one. You deserve it. Keep up the awesome work! Cinema would fail without you.

Best wishes,
Jeremy Ocampo :D

Joanelle from Singapore / Singapore wrote on 02/22/2011
Hey Ellen, have a great 21st birthday and stay awesome! Can't wait for Super in April.


Guillaume from Paris / France wrote on 02/22/2011
Hey Ellen!
You enlight my days everytime i see you on a movie! Sparkling eyes, beautiful smile. You are the simplicity, the freshness cinema needed!
Happy birthday to my favorite actress. May you have a long and great career, keep bringing joy into my life. I wish you the best for your 24th birthday and for the rest of your life.
Que le bonheur inonde ta vie. Joyeux anniversaire.

Aaron from Indiana / United States wrote on 02/22/2011
Happy birthday Ellen! You are a wonderful actress and a beautiful lady. Best of wishes to you on your special day, and I hope your career continues its success.

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